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Through The Lens

Video 27th July 2014 Los Angeles Fly By

Take one quadcopter and a few early mornings in downtown LA to capture some of the greatest historic buildings of the area. Some have been restored, some repurposed and some turned into art. That’s watch Ian Wood, a photographer/film maker from Los Angeles did. His video really shows off these buildings well through his choice …

Photography Video 24th July 2014 Leopard Seal V. A National Geographic Photographer

Listen & watch as Paul Nicklen, National Geographic photographer, describes the few days he spent with a large leopard seal with a great mothering instinct.

Video 22nd July 2014 A Less Intimate Touch

Following on from Tatia Pilieva’s ‘First Kiss’ project that we talked about there have been plenty of similar videos popping up on the internet. This is one that caught our attention as its really close to the original idea of getting complete strangers to touch, only this time it’s not lips that get smacked…

Video 22nd July 2014 San Fransisco Moon Rising

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most captivating. This video of the Full Moon rising over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Shot from about 1.5 miles away by Gary Yost using a Panasonic GX7 and a boosted lens.

Photography Video 20th July 2014 Chromatica Back – Ooooh!

While shooting at one of a few gig for Earthship Band to help build up their live portfolio for media use, I decided to shoot this few minutes of video of the song ‘Chromatica Back’. This is the un-edited footage from the camera, just colour graded for the soft effect and the colours on stage. View the photos …