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Through The Lens

Photography 30th January 2016 FLC With My Fuji

I started out, pretty much, taking photos of bands at gigs but don’t really do to much of that any more. However I was thinking of asking the boys of NYC band Fun Lovin’ Criminals if I could get access to shoot their show as we go back a few years [OK about 20] when …

Photography 21st January 2016 Star Wars as if it was drawn by E.H. Shepard – A.K.A Wookie the Chew

Artist James Hance has taken two of my childhood loves and blended them together to create this wonderful set of images, there is really not any more to say other than enjoy the fuzzy feeling & if you want to see more of James work pop on over to his site [ Via Mashable ]

Photography 8th January 2016 Go forth, and reuse! New York Public Library Places Over 180,000 Images Online – Free For All

All the images that are contained in the NYPL’s image Public Domain Collection database are now out of copyright images and as such are free to use or share as you like. The largest image size you can download is 750px on the long end so not really big enough to print but you can order …