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Amazing Hi-Speed imagery from Adam Magyar

13th January 2014

This is some of the most entrancing things I have ever seen. The video is by Adam Maygar, shot in Toyko’s Shinjuku subway station it’s 11 minutes 11 seconds of 50fps and makes for a truly unique video. The camera was built using parts out of an old scanner and other odd bits and pieces. Adam also built custom software as well as hardware to complement his concept and allow the capturing of this strange and mesmerisingly unique imagery.



We are in awe of Adam’s work here, the problems he solved and the lengths he went to in making this possible. Explore more about Adam’s work using the links below.

Check Adams work on his site magyaradam.com, you can really zoom into his images to see the detail of his work.

To see Adam explain his work over on Pop! Tech see here

More info on Adam and his project can be found on Medium.com here