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Colour: Grey

Serial Number: 3YTSJ49 ****PBL

UAS Operator Registration Number: IRL8aknp6ywwkidi

Do not touch the drone unless you are sure it is safe to do so, the propellers are sharp and can easily cut your skin badly. It is not a toy.
To read serial number remove the battery by pinching the buttons either side of the battery and lift up. The battery is on the top of the drone & it contains the power button. To Turn off the drone press then long press (two presses) the power button.
The UAS Operator Registration Number is the registered ID number of the owner of the drone & is logged with the IAA.

A full time professional photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador working in Ireland. I capture a range of things including portraits, editorial, architecture, products, food & weddings as well as shooting music videos and corporate video/adverts.