Coffee And Fujis

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Coffee And Fujis

Last weekend myself and fellow X-Photographer Tom Doherty held our first Coffee And Fujis event in Dublin. We met up in, or rather outside as the weather was nice, the Marker Hotel in Grand Canal Dock. The area is a mix of new and old buildings so a great place to meet up, have a chat and shoot what we can see. Also there is the Grand Canal Basin and that is home to the Wake Dock. The Wake Dock runs boarders up and down the basin by wire, with a few ramps and rails set up so the brave people who don’t mind the chilly water can get towed up and down the water practicing their jumps and their landings too. Great to have this little bit of action for all.

After we wandered about there for a bit our walk led us up the river Liffey and on to Temple Bar were even at 3pm there was plenty of life about giving all a good change to grab a few shots. Grafton Street was next but by then the Coffee part of our name was being questioned so we decided to all head over to KAPH on Drury St for a cup and a chat as well as a group shot. All in all the day was a great success, meeting other Fuji shooters, telling stories and seeing how different a bunch of photographers can shoot the same place.

We are already starting planning the next event/meet up so if you shoot a Fuji join in with us on our Facebook Group & say hello.

Kim Farrelly Official Fujifilm X-Photographer

Kim is a professional photographer & Official Fujifilm X-Photographer living in Celbridge Co Kildare, Ireland. When not shooting Portraits and Weddings or Gigs and Editorials he can be found searching out the best coffee shops or running round after his two kids.

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