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Filter Friend - adapting your round filters to 4x5.65 inch for Matt Boxes

I’m making available the 3D object file so all you need to do is load the file into a 3D printer and wait for the printer to finish doing its thing. Once the printing is finished simply bond in an 82mm to 77mm ( or whatever step-down ) filter into the hole and then, once the bonding is dry, screw in your round filter(s) and start using your matte box in the daytime. The price is only €5 & you can download an .OBJ & a .STL for your printer.

Filter Friend is the best solution to allow you to use the filters you already own with your Matt Box. Perfectly 3D printed to fit all 4 X 5.65 inch capable slots, it aligns up your filter to the centre of your lens allowing you to keep using your existing filters and avoid buying a new set of very expensive cinema filters.

The below button will allow you to order the plans for one (or more) Filter Friends, a 3D object file that will allow you to get printed a holder to mount round filters into your filter slots on a Matte Box. You are ordering just the 3D printer plans, you will also need to either have or buy separately a step-down ring, matte box and filter.

Placing an order (clicking on the blue Button) will point you to our payment partner Stripe, opens up a new tab, from there you can securely finalise the order & purchase the plans. After your sale I’ll email a like with the included instructions and an .STL + .OBJ file that you can then input to your 3D printer. Any problems with the order just drop me a line, right now I’m manually dealing with these so please be patient, I’ll send ASAP.

Recommended options and extras

For bonding in the step down ring, I’d recommend using an Epoxy as that will stick metal to plastic cleanly and strongly. Gorilla Glue make a very good epoxy that you can order from Amazon using my affiliate link by clicking on the orange buttons.

If you need step-down rings you can buy a set or just order an 82-77mm one to use into your Filter Friend. Really one per friend is all you need to order & you can order one using my Amazon affiliate links by clicking the orange buttons.

The Matte Box i’m using here is the larger of the Smallrig ones. As usual Smallrig have made a couple of good options & if you are looking for a Matte Box they are a good product.

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