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Movie Mistakes Mastered

9th April 2015

Ever wonder what would happen if just one letter was to be left out of a movie title and that movie was to go ahead and get made or perhaps just get pitched? North Carolina illustrator & writer Austin Light did. He also went a bit further and produced a series of illustrations with their descriptors attached. It shows that allowing your self to pursue a personal project to improve your art can lead to something bigger.

Austin says;

This all started because of Inktober, an event created by artist Jake Parker that challenges participants to create an ink drawing every day of the month of October.

Since coming up with a topic can often take as long as actually drawing something, I decided to pull topics from Reddit. Specifically, the titles in a 2012 thread–shown to me by a coworker–about removing a letter from a movie.

I illustrated those new movies and wrote my own descriptions. At the end of the month I posted all 31 to Reddit and by the end of that week I was being emailed by Esquire. Make no mistake, I am not cool enough to be in Esquire.

Since people seemed to like them, I thought I’d keep it going.


Austin has a book out later this year under the Chronicle Books banner


Check out his website movietitletypos.com for more