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NASA’s Apollo Missions in 13,000+ Photos

9th October 2015

NASA has released over 13,000 images taken during its Apollo Program. The Program ran from 1961 to 1972, and was supported by the two-man Gemini program which ran concurrently with it from 1962 to 1966. Gemini missions developed some of the space travel techniques that were necessary for the success of the Apollo missions. Apollo used Saturn family rockets as launch vehicles. Apollo/Saturn vehicles were also used for an Apollo Applications Program, which consisted of Skylab, a space station that supported three manned missions in 1973–74, and the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project, a joint Earth orbit mission with the Soviet Union in 1975.

Photos include Buzz Aldrin walking on the Moon with Neil Armstrong and lots of moon and earth shots, including the now [even more] famous Apollo 13 mission. What I like is the fact that , what looks like, the entire roll of film is scanned and uploaded. Nothing culled from the roll at all, not even the out of focus shots. If you have a spare day or so take a look through their Flickr page the missions are all placed into Flickr Albums for easy access.