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Shake it like a Polaroid picture, a 20X24 inch one

3rd March 2014

I remember well the Polaroid instant camera, a great way of [almost] instantly being able to share a picture with friends. Just snap the photo pull out the print and wait a minute or two for it to dry and shaking it really sped that process up, no really it did.

That’s not the only Polaroid instant camera the company made however, in 1976 they also produced a giant sized 20×24 inch print instant camera. Just like a oversized Polaroid Impulse or Spirit 600 this giant instant camera world the same way, load in the film, take your photo and pull out the print, ready to view in a minute or two. Polaroid made a few of these cameras and ‘handed’ them out, along with the special film needed, to a few lucky photographers for free. The only caveat was that they had to share some of the images they produced. You can now hire one of these cameras for you shoot as Photography studio 20X24 Studio have one as well as the machine needed to make the film for it. The pure size of these prints from the 24×20 camera are really something to be in awe of a great tool to use for some proper high resolution imaging.

Polaroid also make one bigger one. At a massive 40 inches wide and 106 inches high the Moby C spent much of it’s live in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and was just used to photo works of are for the museum until it was sold by Polaroid as part of their bankruptcy, reportedly for $20,000 to Canadian photographer and filmmaker Gregory Colbert. If you fancy using this camera you can rent it, in studio only, for $2000 per day plus $300 per print. This includes studio hire all materials and the camera operator.

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