Wedding Photography

We shoot mainly in a reportage style as this captures the feel and emotion of you wedding day. We also shoot the more formal photographs of the bride and groom as we feel these are photos that you will look back on in years to come.

We work at trying not to be noticed for the most part for your day as people often act up for a camera, we tend to limit using lights/flashes so as not to draw attention to ourselves. We remain discreet and polite.

Wedding photography is our passion, our profession.

We give you a team, consisting of a main photographer with an assistant/second shooter also on hand throughout the day. The main photographer sets the shots and deals with the client and the guests, the second shooter will support the main in this respect.

We cover the wedding from the bride/groom getting ready throughout the ceremony to the dancing later into the night. This will give a great story to tell through your photos and show how wonderful you big day was.

We work with you beforehand getting to know what you’re looking to capture and the important people you want in you photos.

We work afterwards to develop your images to look as best as possible, giving great attention to every detail, this makes your photos stand out. We won’t disappoint.

All photos are full size and fully developed ready to print and watermark free. We encourage you to print, good photos always look better on paper.

Also, your images are uploaded to our online gallery that is password protected so you can easily look at them and decide what you’d like to print, and in what size. We can take care of the printing for you and deliver to your door right from your online gallery. You can also have images sent directly to friends or family.


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