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Streaming Setups

Some good gear to up your look while streaming or using Zoom etc...

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Y&H HDMI Video Capture Card

Budget HDMI capture card, 1080p with reasonable quality, it’s a good step up from your computers webcam for up to 1080 streaming. Really inexpensive too which helps.

Elgato Cam Link 4K

Higher quality 4K capture card will give you the best quality, definitely something to look at if you want a higher quality image when conferencing or streaming to youtube in 4K.

Blackmagic Design Atem mini

Great solution to have multi camera streaming with the touch of button, can input four cameras over HDMI and output them to your computer in 4K. There is also a Pro version of this with some added features.

High speed micro HDMI cable to HDMI

Amazon Basics but works great with 4K streams, it’s all you need from a HDMI cable. Get the one that fits your camera & length that suits.

Andoer ER322 Tripod Extender

I attach a small ball head to the top of this and a small tripod to the bottom and use it as a stand for my camera when streaming. Adjustable height is great.

zeadio Metal Mini Tripod + Ball Head

A good little tripod and head kit to attach the extension pole in this kit. Lifts up the camera and keeps it stable while allowing you to easily position the camera. 

GVM LED Video light Panel with C-Clamp

Perfect light to clamp to your desk and gives bright and soft light to make you look your best on video. Worth the spend IMO.

Rode VideoMicro Compact On Camera Microphone

Add in some good sound, attach this to your camera’s hot shoe and plug it into the camera, the sound will improve and still be transmitted via the HDMI cable to your computer.

Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

Really good sound with this mic. Is powered by a built in battery, charges quickly over USB-c and lasts all day.A good step up from he Rode Go.

Power Coupler

Run your camera all day by plugging it into the mains, these kits come with a ‘dummy’ battery and a power transformer that plugs in to the wall socket.Great for those long meetings or presentations.

PRO USB Driver Cable + CP-W126 Coupler

This is a good option of a power coupler for Fuji cameras that use the w126(s) batteries. Runs from a PD capable power supply like the one included or a portable battery

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