I’m often asked about the gear I use when working as a photographer, below is what I prefer to shoot with and some other things I use along the way as well as a couple of discount code I’ve secured for you to use and share.

I started shooting Fujifilm in 2015, their great quality build, light weight and small size make them perfect for my needs. I’ve used them in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of shoots and they have never let me down. Reviews and my thoughts on some of these can be found in the blog section.

For cameras I’m currently using Fuji’s X-T3 along with the X-PRO2.

For lenses I use the following Fujifilm models:

XF16mm F/1.4

XF18mm F/2

XF23mm f/1.4

XF 35mm F/1.4

XF56mm F/1.4

XF90mm F/2

XF16-55mm F/2.8

XF50-140mm F/2.8

For storing and transporting my gear I use a mix of rolling bags, shoulder bags and backpacks. The two rolling bags I use are the Pelican 1514 & the Thinktank Airport Security V2. The Pelican is a super tough, hard plastic, rolling case that I can load my cameras and lenses into. The case is submersible in water and will float when fully loaded, I can use it to stand or sit on & it rolls great once you mod the wheels to a softer set. The Thinktank AS2 is my carry horse of a roller, I keep filling it and there is always room for more. I’ve even had a Matthews 40″ C-Stand strapped onto it. The best quality and it looks like a suitcase of I don’t draw attention to what’s inside. That can be important. It’s really important that my gear stays safe when I’m traveling and these bags have proven their worth many times.

For day to day and at weddings where I need a suit or if I am meeting a client I use the Ona Bowery in cognac brown leather, that bag is really beautiful & fits a few lenses or a camera and a couple of lenses, along with spare batteries, cards & cleaning stuff. It also matches my Holdfast Moneymaker camera strap really well.

Where would my post production be with Aaron Nace and Phlearn, no where as advanced as it is now that’s for sure. I’ve been learning from Aaron for about three years and his skill in photoshop & lightroom are only matched by his relaxed methodical teaching style. From the basics to the very advanced there is place for anyone to start. They offer a monthly subscription or you can pay and download any of the courses.

Grip equipment is all the light stands and clamps, modifiers are anything used to modify the lights. For stands I use Matthews Grip, these are rock solid lighting stands capable of taking everything I throw at them.

For modifers I use mostly Elinchrom umbrellas and softboxs for my big lights, for camera flash I use the MagMod system, these little modifiers have magnets in them to make attaching to the flash quick and easy. Perfect for attaching a gel or diffuser at weddings and events and they keep their shape, important that when you are modifying the light.

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I use Smugmug for hosting all my gallery images & the galleries I provide for my clients use. They have a range of plans available, the basic plan lets you host unlimited JPEGs & is more than enough for most, if you are seriously using them to help sell your prints then you’d be better moving up a plan or two.

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Always keep learning, that’s what I tell my self every day. I found Creative Live a great resource for keeping up to date and seeing how others in the field overcome problems and how they like to use their gear and shoot.

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