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Through The Lens

Photography 17th April 2018 I Shoot With… Film

Take Kayo spends some time talking with some who still shoot film and how they see the future of the photography art form with film in a digital world. I still shoot a bit of film with my original 35mm camera. I’m about 1/2 way through some Fuji Provia 400 at the moment, and there is a great sense of connection and anticipation with the camera and what it will output. After all you can’t just look at the back of the camera to preview the image you just shot, you’ll have to wait till you finish the roll and then go get it developed. Unless you go shoot with an Instax that is.

Photography 13th March 2014 An Honour, Responsibly Delivered – The Last Roll Of Kodachrome 64

The very iconic film stock, Kodachrome 64, has been used to capture some of the most famous images in recent history. First made available by Eastman Kodak in 1935 this colour film has helped shape how the colour and contrast that we see photos today. In this age of no film a great deal of …

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