FLC With My Fuji

30th January 2016

I started out, pretty much, taking photos of bands at gigs but don’t really do to much of that any more. However I was thinking of asking the boys of NYC band Fun Lovin’ Criminals if I could get access to shoot their show as we go back a few years [OK about 20] when we used to hang out in the back Dermot Doran’s club in Dublin’s Temple Bar. I ended up getting an early birthday present of a pair of ticket’s to the show so that put an end to my work aspirations on the night. I did throw my Fuji X-T1 with a  XF 35mm F/1.4 & the much over looked XF 18mm F/2 in the pocked of my coat before I left the house because as a photographer going out without a camera is like you going out without your trousers on – something just isn’t quite right.

I had taken the Fuji to a gig before and it worked very well as did my much bigger Canon 5D Mark-III and with it the much bigger lenses. Bigger, heaver & much more ‘pro’ looking. With the Fuji I can hold it up high like an iPhone and use the rear screen, this is great when shooting a concert from the middle of a busy crowd all bouncing to the groove of ‘Scooby Snacks’ with their arms in the air. I can see what I am shooting. AF preformed really well. I’d set the camera to Manual focus mode and use the AF-L button to lock AF on the spot then use the shutter button to meter, adjust and shoot. Can life really be this good. Yes. I wish I had brought a longer lens with me on the night but as I didn’t want to appear to ‘pro’ like in case the big scary guys with the earpieces in might try to grab my camera, as I was shooting from no where near the stage but all in all things worked out well. Must remember to get an AAA pass next time…


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